• The Lookout to ancient eclipses

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 Free E-book.  This dissertation clarifies eclipses by making close-ups with Stellarium and utilizing screenshots made from it. Thus, here comes new refined information for the New Babylonian period. The riddle of the clay board VAT 4956 has now been solved.

Israeli scholars have come to the assumption that there was a solar eclipse during the conquest of the land of Joshua in Canaan. Their research also exceeded the generally considered "news threshold." If there was an eclipse at the time, can it be found? And has anything else special happened then?

And what happened in the days of Hezekiah king of Judah, when the 'shadow moved backwards'?

These matters have been the subject of a wide range of assessments in religious circles of the great changes in the rotational movements of the earth. Is there any stern for them? Eclipses in the past can provide answers to these questions.

And when did the solar eclipse of Esarhaddon take place? Did there be an eclipse during the reign of Pharaoh Djoser?

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The Lookout to ancient eclipses

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